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Video Production

Storytelling Focused

Every compelling video journey begins with the script, the heart of storytelling. At Moodus Media, we understand that the foundation of any impactful video is its narrative. Tim Robinson, our lead creative force, brings an extensive background as a TV Producer to our storytelling process. His rich experience in crafting narratives that captivate and engage audiences is integral to our video production philosophy. With a career that spans various genres and platforms, Tim's expertise ensures that each script is not just words on a page, but a blueprint for success. Let us transform your ideas into stories that resonate and connect, guided by a seasoned storyteller who knows how to bring visions to life.

Certified FAA Drone Video Pilot

Moodus Media elevates your brand's visibility to new heights with our advanced drone video services. Under the skilled guidance of Tim Robinson, a licensed FAA Certified Drone Pilot, we capture breathtaking aerial footage that provides a unique perspective on your story. With over a decade of flying experience, Tim's expertise ensures the highest standards of safety and quality in every shot. Our drone capabilities allow us to offer unparalleled views and captivating visuals that can transform your digital presence. Whether showcasing real estate, events, or constructing cinematic narratives, our drone videos add a layer of sophistication and impact, making your content truly stand out. Trust in Moodus Media to bring a sky-high vision to your projects, backed by a decade of experience and the precision of FAA-certified excellence