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WordPress Website Design

Moodus Media is at the forefront of crafting exceptional WordPress websites, offering unparalleled design flexibility and a vast array of software integrations that set us apart. WordPress stands as the premier choice for content management, thanks to its extensive plugin library, advanced SEO capabilities, and user-friendly interface. Whether you're aiming to elevate your digital presence or streamline your website management, WordPress delivers unmatched efficiency and customization. Choose Moodus Media to unlock the full potential of the world's leading content-management system for your website

eCommerce Websites

In the digital marketplace, the success of top eCommerce businesses hinges on powerful websites that not only highlight their products but also offer seamless navigation. As a proud Shopify Partner, Moodus Media specializes in developing bespoke eCommerce platforms that place your offerings in the spotlight. Our collaboration with Shopify enhances our ability to create intuitive, feature-rich websites, ensuring every visitor's journey leads directly to your products. Our expertise in designing user-friendly websites, combined with the robust capabilities of Shopify, positions your business for unparalleled online success. Elevate your eCommerce presence with Moodus Media—a partnership that transforms visitors into loyal customers.

Moodus Media gives our firm a powerful online presence it’s never had before. Tim’s expertise in website design, video production, and targeted email blasts has significantly increased our client and potential client engagement."

Our Website Design Work

Art Coolbaugh own’s Susquehanna Canoe and Kayak Rentals. They have locations on the Susquehanna River and at Slocum State Park.

Art used to do all his bookings manually on the phone or in person. 

We not only designed a new website, but logo, branding, and helped him integrate FareHarbor for online bookings and reservations.

We then integrated this into his social media to help him grow his business.

Plus we shot some drone footage for the homepage header as well!

Sullivan County Fair

We created a new logo for The Sullivan County Fair and a new website.

We advanced the backend entry system allowing exhibitors to register and pay online for showing their animals and baked goods.

Top if off, we shot drone footage as part of a county tourism video that we were able to use on the website.

Purple Pepper Farms

Located just down the road from us,  Purple Pepper Farms is your go-to spot for farm-fresh sauces, dressings, and more. And trust us, we’ve tasted them all while snapping photos for their shiny new Shopify store! 

We also helped owner Trevor Brown set up a new website to highlight their local farm stands.

We also have drone video of them harvesting pumpkins in their field last fall!

Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation

We’re honored to have created this new website for the local powerhouse that is the Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation. This incredible foundation has given over $11M to empower communities since 2002! We made it even easier for students and organizations to apply seamlessly for grants. We even repurposed local drone video we shot to give the site it’s unique look.

Attorney Tom Martin

DC Area Attorney Tom Martin needed a website in a weekend. He had a major case that was going to get national attention and he didn’t have an online presence. 

We did the website with time to spare.

Since then, we’ve helped him grow his practice with e-mail marketing campaigns.


Attorney Justin Fairfax

Attorney Justin E. Fairfax is the 41st Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and a Former Federal Prosecutor in the Eastern District of Virginia. When he set out on his own, he of course wanted to setup a website. He didn’t expect he would have to be launched in 48 hours when his first major case with a fellow partner attorney and Moodus client Tom Martin. Lucky Tim @ Moodus has experience with working on a tight deadline. This time BOTH sites were developed, created and launched by the time the news hit the press!

Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to welcome the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce to our portfolio of web clients! 🙌 We’ve worked closely with Gina, Allison, and their team for years. As our “home team” chamber we take pride being able to parter with them to create an easy to update backend site that helps them better serve their members. 💪 #wyomingcountyproud

Wyoming County

We’ve been proud partners of Wyoming County Pennsylvania Government’s website overhaul in 2020.

Back then, they didn’t have a new website in over a decade.

We’ve worked with County Commissioners and each individual county department remotely to help design a site that’s easy for the public to use and find what they need. We also took the opportunity to develop new logos and drone photos.